I Blame it on David Letterman

After all, how many people stay up until they hear his Top 10 List at night?  (or record it for the next morning to enjoy over breakfast)

In so doing, he seems to have legitimized the concept of a Top 10 List of something as worthwhile. (or at least funny)

So, just recently, I got an email from a friend that said “Hey, you’re on this top 10 blogging list”.  Funny, I had just skimmed another list of “top 10 bloggers” and the list was almost completely different.  I smiled when I looked at one of the entries and I checked and one of the bloggers hadn’t written an entry in her blog for months.  But, somehow, it made the list.


Alfred Thompson and I kid around when we see these messages.  After all, he’s got a fabulous blog.  You’ll notice that it’s on my blogroll over here on the right.  I like to kid him when one of these posts come out and neither of us are on it.  Rats, missed it again, Alfred.

Sometimes I wonder the value of these lists.  I mean, how can you identify the “top 10” when you haven’t read them all?  And, certainly if there hasn’t been a post in months, that’s not my idea of a Top 10.  Maybe it’s just a need to make a post?  Sort of like the need to write a post about it?

In my mind, you’re a great blogger if you’re blogging.  Not everyone hits every post out of the part.  I think that the value goes across when people just take the time to write and share. That’s good enough for me.


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