Making a Beautiful Quote

One of my favourite blogs to read is Quoteflections.  It’s always good for a quote or two (or three or four) on any given day.  I like to use quotes in presentations myself so a resource like this is so helpful.  For today, as an example, the shortest day of the year, we’re inspired by “The Shortest Day“.

I found myself off on a tangent this morning.  On Facebook, one of the people I follow had shared this wisdom “If you want to see a person’s true character watch how they treat animals.” It’s great wisdom; I agree totally; but somehow the quote didn’t seem right.  I did some poking around at QuoteInvestigator to see the origin.  I found this article.  “You Can Easily Judge the Character of a Man by How He Treats Those Who Can Do Nothing for Him“.  While this dog lover appreciated the first quote, this second one was closer to what I had remembered.

A beautiful quote deserves a beautiful presentation.

I decided to use Quozio to dress it up.

Quozio is a slick quick in and out site for just this purpose. It’s just a matter of providing the quote and the person who said it…

and then choose the type of design that you want.

Scroll through the designs until you find the one that you want.  Quozio provides a huge collection of colours and fonts.  Your only challenge will be deciding which one that you’ll use.

You’ll see the obligatory social media sharing buttons or create your own account and save your quotes.  Your quote is just a jpg image so it’s easily saved locally for further use.

If you or your students are looking for the perfect tool for creating memorable quotation designs for presentation, documents, or anywhere that needs a graphic, check out Quozio.


The Wisdom of @knolinfos

Yesterday, I read about Quozio.  It’s a free online utility that lets you take a quotation and put it into an attractive display.  That display is in .jpg format which makes it perfect for downloading and using in any of the million places that you would use a quote.

Website, wiki, email, profile, presentation, Facebook update, you name it – anywhere you would post a quote, you could post it attractively with Quozio.

I tried a few Dougisms and that just wasn’t cutting it but I got the sense of what the program was capable of doing and how simple it is to do it.

I was skimming my timeline on Twitter and @knolinfos shared a really nice quote.  I though, “Aha!”  Here’s something worth sharing to show how simple Quozio is to use.

Off I went.  The interface is dead simple.


Filling the form was as simple as entering the two boxes above.  Thanks again to whoever taught me how to copy and paste.

The toughest thing is to choose the background for your quote.


Make your choice – I’ve always liked rippling water – and you’re good to go.


I’ll bookmark this resource for later use.  You can always use a way to spice up quotations.

And, thanks, Gust for the quote.  Quozio displays it nicely.