Infographics for Careers

I really like infographics.  I keep hearing of people that don’t and yet they keep on appearing.  In my morning reading on Zite, one of the categories that I visit daily is indeed “Infographics”. I’m amazed at how interesting the creators of them are. It’s an attractive way to display statistics and potentially big data.Continue reading “Infographics for Careers”

Still Relevant

Part of my regular Saturday routines involves maintenance to my computers.  On this machine, it’s the one day that I reliably boot into Windows.  That lets me grab any/all of the updates from Microsoft from the past week; run a defragging utility; I update my anti-virus; and I scan the computer.  Thankfully, all goes wellContinue reading “Still Relevant”

OTR Links 01/30/2013

Home | Sony Education Ambassadors “Welcome to the Sony Education Ambassador (SEA) community. Our site is fueled by expert advice from our SEAs – a network of distinguished educators – and you.” tags: education sony Online Python Tutor – Learn programming by visualizing code execution “Online Python Tutor is a free educational tool that helps studentsContinue reading “OTR Links 01/30/2013”

Learn Computer Security in a Week!

That’s the claim from Gust Mees who has devoted a great deal of effort putting together an online course for those desiring to know more about what they can do to keep their computer safe and their online browsing experiences happy. On his blog, Gust has put together a week’s worth of activities that willContinue reading “Learn Computer Security in a Week!”