When I signed up for a Pearltrees account, I must have checked a checkbox that said “Send me weekly suggestions” because I do get a weekly message identifying three Pearltrees that someone else had created.  It’s been a source of inspiration for me and I look forward to taking a look at them when they arrive.

This week, there was one pearltree that really intrigued me.  It was, of all things, “Paper Crafts“!  Now, I’m not a crafty person but one node branched to a curation entitled “Google Map Envelopes”.  I just had to check it out.


The original link lead to a link that lead to another link that lead to the original resource.  What a great idea!

It’s simple enough.  At Mapenvelope, you tell the site where you are and what you’re doing and it does the rest.  It reaches out to Google Maps and takes an image of where you are and put it inside a foldable.  Print it, fold it, tape it, and you’ve got yourself an envelope suitable for mailing.

This is definitely one of the coolest things that I’ve played with for some time.  Just preview things and send it to your printer.

In the classroom, I’ve seen language and social studies teachers dealing with world culture doing many things.  Imagine writing and “mailing” a letter from a world location you’re studying!

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