Mashing with Flickr

I don’t know if it was the success that I had with the Flickr widget that prompted me to play around with Flickr yesterday but I spent some time playing with the resources from PimPamPum.  They’ve created a couple of really interesting applications that let you dig around and enhance some of the content that you’ll find.

You can think of this as a free, online version of Comic Life with someone else’s photographs!  (Or your own if you’ve contributed the content).  A search routine allows you to search Flickr by a tag or a user and returns only Creative Commons images as a result of your search.  Scroll through the results to find an image that you want and select it to appear on the stage.  From there, you can drag and drop comment bubbles to mashup the image.

Sounds like fun and so I do a search for “Amherstburg” and there are some really wonderful images but I was struck by the closeup of the cannon which is located at the King’s Navy Yard.  I select it and add a caption and I’m good to go.  There’s a publish option available as well.


Now, this application gets interesting.  Here, you type a phrase and Phrasr searches Flickr for images that match the significant words in your phrase and generates a movie of the rebus that it creates.  Now, as I create this post, I’m waiting for the qualifying for the British Grand Prix.  Thusly inspired, I enter the phrase “Formula 1 in Great Britain”.  Phrasr does a nice job of pulling together some suggestions but I do have to make a couple of changes.

What is Formula 1 if not symbolized by Ferrari and the red cars?  Phrasr has me covered and I can change the image.  I’m not quite sure the Britain that it gives me is what I want.  Sorry to my British friends but I’m so traditional in my romantic view and need the Thames River and some famous building like, oh say, Big Ben.  Now we’re cooking!


The result is a movie with subtitles (my original phrase) that plays nicely on the screen or I can publish that as well to share the movie with others.  Here’s my effort.

This is absolutely too cool and a great deal of fun.

My mind is spinning with all kinds of classroom applications for the two products.  Flickr and Creative Commons licensing brings so much power and imagery to the classroom.  Imagine a combination of these two applications to explore parts of the world that go beyond the scope of a field trip! 

Even with your own images, you can easily quickly edit or show your efforts in a manner of documenting that can be done with other tools, to be sure, but no easily and student friendly with the wonderful interface presented here.

I would encourage you to check out both of the tools and be prepared for a great deal of enjoyment as you assemble things.  I’m even thinking  of those of you who are doing the 24/7 photo project.  Could you create a movie along with a storyline that incorporates your images?  You’ll have a ball trying!

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