What’s Your Persona?

There’s a cute little online application from the MIT Media labs that purports to check out your online Persona and give you a graphic representation of your online presence. 

For me, check out: 


Clicking the image above to pop up an image full size. 

Such an approach allows you to take a look at your digital footprint in another fashion.  Whether it’s true or not or accurate is another question.

I originally used my full name but that doesn’t make me a unique character and was really an amalgam of all of the Doug Peterson’s on the web.

But, using my handle “dougpete” narrows down to me.  I’ve tried to use that everywhere for a consistent presence.

Read about the project here.

Then, of course, you’ll have an overwhelming desire to check out yourself which you can do here.

So, what do you think?  Is that you?  Or, more correctly, is that the part of you that you wish to share online?  It’s a nice little reality check.

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