The Maple Leaf Forever

I was reading Paul Cornie’s Quoteflections blog this morning and his post was particularly patriotic for this time of year.  It also brought back memories of this anthem that I hadn’t heard for years.

Thanks, Paul.

You can read the lyrics on Paul’s blog here.

Two Reasons to Converse

It’s great to have friends, virtual or otherwise, these days.  They help you out in ways just to be able to do it.  I had a couple of experiences lately that prove this theory.

First, if you’re a reader of this blog, you’ll know that I dropped my iPod at the ISTE Conference and cracked the screen.

121405973[1] Heart broken, I did what any abnormal person would do these days — I blogged about it.  At dinner, I was the butt of jokes and lots of my friends took pictures so that I could document this sad event!

What was neat though was the supportive comments that I received from friends on this blog, Twitter and Facebook where the information is scraped to.

What was even neater was the response of family and friends.  The Boy responded that he was in Toronto and found a place that replaced it while he waited.  @WindsorDi, probably from her seat on Via1,  responded with the same business.  I was prepared to get home and ship it via courier to get it replaced.  Then, a second message from @WindsorDi indicated that there was a store in Windsor that would do the deed for me.  Consequently, a drive into the city yesterday dropped it off and I am hoping for a quick turnaround on the repair.

Secondly, I had run into an issue with Diigo.  I use both Diigo and Delicious to keep track of my bookmarks.  I have a nice gathering of people who look up what I’m bookmarking on both sites so I have an all-in-one solution.  I post to Diigo which runs a task immediately to duplicate the information to Delicious.  I then have a similar task copy the information from Delicious to this blog sometime after midnight while I sleep.  That’s a few dominoes that have to be lined up properly in order to work.  If one doesn’t do its job, then the rest are at risk.

Well, I ended up with this being posted to my blog.


If you’ve been around the block a couple of times in the computer world, you know what’s happened.  %20 is ASCII for a space and somewhere along the line, a computer conversation is needed for mortal eyes.  So, I backtracked.  It was bad on my blog; it was bad on Delicious; it was perfect on Diigo.  Somehow, the Diigo to Delicious conversion was the culprit.

Meanwhile, blog readers were noticing and I was getting notified that something was wrong.  In response, I sent out this tweet.


By the way, the reference to “dog’s breakfast”, I must attribute to my elementary school principal Mr. Gray who used it all the time.  It never made sense when he said it because our dog ate the same thing for breakfast that he did for supper.  Oh well.

Later yesterday, I received this message from the good folks at Diigo.


So, I did a quick check and the issue that they fixed had appeared to resolved the issue.  I waited until this morning and the overnight run did indeed scrape everything through to this blog and all is good in my digital world again.  I did need to acknowledge the support and so I think that it’s only fair that I recognize it publically just like I did in identifying the problem in the first place.


It’s only right to do so.  The nice side effect of this was that I got to investigate the Version 5 upgrade to Diigo that had just gone into place.  This good service has got even better.

I think that the message here is that there are lots of people paying attention to what you’re saying and the best of the best of these folks are ready to help out.

Now, both of these situations were annoying, to say the least.  But, it’s a credit that good people are reading and at the ready to be helpful and supporting.

Just a couple of great reasons why the conversation is so powerful.

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