You Never Know

If you happened to follow my FourSquare update yesterday, you would have seen that I had checked in at Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport.  They call themselves “America’s Friendliest Airport”.  I’m not sure about that because that would imply that they’ve checked out all of the others but free Wifi puts them head and shoulders over some others!

It was part of a circuitous trip going from Detroit to Seattle, to be sure, and the trip had its own story but I suspect that it made for a different approach to the Seattle Airport.  Approaching from the south gave us a beautiful view of the mountains as we approached the airport.

It was an incredible clear day; no clouds near us and I had been fortunate enough to have a window seat.  As the mountains crawled into view, I just stared in awe at the magnificent view.  I’ve seen pictures taken from the ground before but looking down gives a whole new perspective.  I wonder….

So, I’m scrambling under the seat for my computer bag where I’d packed my camera and took a picture.  I was also sitting on the wing and through the brightness of the cabin, I could see part of it in the picture.  Rats.  So, I waited impatiently looking through the next window until the mountain peeked into view, adjusted for the angle a bit, and then did a little zoom to get the wing out of the way and now have a whack of pictures on my memory card.  The best of them appears below, untouched by a photo editor.

I remember the advice given to me once.  “Take a lot of pictures and throw a lot away because you’ll have a couple of keepers in there.”

For my abilities, this is a keeper.  You never know…

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