User Management

There are times when I fire up my computer and look at my desktop in shame.  Files, folders, and downloads end up just accumulating there and I do feel a little (well, a lot) badly about it.  It’s no wonder that I can’t find anything when I look for it.  I’ll spend some time when this mood hits moving files around until things are filed appropriately and often that means in cyberdeletion.  There’s a real sense of satisfaction that comes after the process is complete.

There are times when I feel the same way about the people that I follow on Twitter.  There are some less than contributing people that I’ve followed.  For whatever reason, I’ve elected to follow them because they appeared interesting at the time, perhaps I had done a PD session and followed them to show how easy it is, or for a myriad of reasons.  The fact remains that there’s a lot of dead wood.  It seems that, for me, finding users is a great deal easier than unfollowing users.

Every now and again, I get the same feeling and start to work my way through that list but it can be a painfully slow process.  I’m also typically going on a hunch when I make the decision to keep or delete.

But, now I have a solution.  The web service ManageFlitter lends a really nice hand for the process.  After logging in, it manages everyone and assigns a tag to them.

Click on a category and a list by type is displayed.  For me, it’s the “inactive” that would be the easiest group to target.  Why follow someone or something that’s not contributing?  If nothing else, the results present some interesting ways of looking at your followings.

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