Can I?

Use this in my classroom? Copyright is something that everyone needs to know about. If I find it on Google, does that mean I can use it?  The immediate answer should be "not necessarily".  You need to know... ... about copyright in the Canadian context.  How many times do you hear people talk about "fair [...]


Yesterday, Larry Ferlazzo shared a post "The “All-Time” Best Sources Of Online Images".   Bloggers, designers, teachers, well any content creators are always looking for the best of images to enhance whatever it is that they're creating.   I've always been a supporter and advocate for creating your own.  I've led more Photoshop, Gimp, CorelDRAW! [...]

Maps, Oh My!

I was originally going to call this "Nostalgia Finds Maps" and that would have been good too.  The bottom line, this was a personal exercise in inquiry that took me to a place I didn't know existed - and I'm so glad it did.  Like most people, I suspect, Google Maps is the place to [...]

Images Search

As I added the post this week about Wellcome Images, I realized that I have quite a number of images pages tucked away in my Diigo account.  I'd found them and saved them there so that I wouldn't lose them. But, I'm really hard pressed to come up with the names of all of the [...]

Incredible Images via Wellcome

Wellcome Images describes itself as the "world's richest and most unique collections".  If you poke around, you'll find it difficult to argue with that description. You would be hard pressed to find a comparable collection.   I came across the site while looking for some World War I images the other day and, I'll confess, I [...]

A Wall of Films

Back around the turn of the century when I taught Computer Science and Business Education, we had days allocated to professional development.  One day was laid on by the board for board initiatives and the other was a federation day where we got together by subject discipline.  Thusly inspired, we were good to go for [...]