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  • A new Canvas

    When the Ministry of Education licensed Photoshop Elements, I really went to town with it. I was an owner and user of the full Adobe Photoshop suite of things and could hold my own, I think, when it came to working the program and doing some post picture taking editing. If you’ve ever dabbled, you… Continue reading

  • Here’s the course I failed

    A couple of years ago when the concept of Sketchnoting was new, I was bound and determined to learn how to do them. I started small; scribbling things on my iPad.  The results varied between childish and embarrassing with a severe tilt towards embarrassing. I’m not sure what I would do with sketchnoting but I… Continue reading

  • Sketchnotes for Educators

    Hang around this blog long enough and you’ll see a reference or two to Sylvia Duckworth’s Sketchnoting efforts. She was even kind enough to have been the focus of an interview here as well. I really like her work and have followed her efforts since the beginning of her publishing them online.  I even created… Continue reading

  • Checklist and Citizenship

    Saturday night, I was trying to get caught up on “Houdini and Doyle” and all of a sudden, my iPad started going crazy with notifications. My first thought was “what have I done wrong now?” Well, this time, it wasn’t me. Sylvia Duckworth had released to the wild a new Sketchnote and was kind enough… Continue reading

  • Extended even further

    This past week, I had read and been inspired by the blog post “Why Starting a Blog Could Change Your Life“.  It included six really insightful suggestions commented on by the author, Carolanne Johnson.  My inspiration was to comment on the points in her post and, in the process, I added to her list bringing… Continue reading