Responding to clickbait

I know that I shouldn’t have clicked through and read this blogpost but I couldn’t help myself. I was just so curious.

The Worst Ranked Canadian University Will Surprise You

I know that people earn their living by meeting quotas and catchy titles bring in readers. This post is also one of those slideshow type formats so if you’re allowing advertising, there will be lots of it on each slide.

The slideshow consists of 15 universities “ranked” by some metric and the comments come from Quora and Reddit and not from a consistent format so that needs to be factored in. So, while I clicked to find the “worst ranked”, I saw the collection of 15 and wondered.

I was surprised? that I’d attended a few of them …

#15 University of Waterloo

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, however. “The campus is horrible, food sucks and the overall environment is dull. The co-op program is also not guaranteed and still people are charged over $700. I know of so many kids who still haven’t got a job in their 3rd year. The academic advisers are extremely terrible,” writes one Quora user.

I actually found the campus very nice and easily accessible via the Ring Road. It’s a new, modern university so the ivy is at a premium but every building had air conditioning and heating that worked. I didn’t eat there but cafeteria food is made in bulk; I lived off campus and learned how to cook by myself. Plus, there are some terrific restaurants in both Waterloo and Kitchener for those times when parents come to take you out for supper.

#6 Wilfrid Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier ranks highly for student satisfaction and services, but despite its high-profile namesake, it has an enduring reputation as a “party school.” That, plus lower minimum grade requirements, may have pushed the university closer to the bottom of the list.

I actually took a Business course at WLU and my only complaint was that University Avenue can get cold and windy in the winter time. The course itself was enjoyable. In my second year, a friend of mine and I roomed together going different directions each moring and he enjoyed things but found the courses challenging. You’ve never enjoyed football until you go to a Golden Hawks game. The only complaint is that the main campus is landlocked but they are actively building campuses in other locations.

#1 University of Windsor

However, it’s looked down upon by other educational institutions for low entry requirements — a minimum average of around 70 to 75% is considered acceptable in most departments — and the lack of nightlife and social events in the city.

“UWindsor is a school that gets very little respect outside of the Southwest Ontario (Windsor-Chatham) region. If you don’t plan on living here, it will be difficult to get a job elsewhere in the province.”

I took courses here, taught here, and sent a daughter here and have nothing but good things to say. It is a smaller campus and has the reputation as described above outside the region. That’s really so sad because it’s in a terrific location; you can’t beat walking along the Detroit River between classes. Since downtown Detroit is only a tunnel bus ride away, if you can’t find entertainment in Windsor, there are the Red Wings, Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Pine Knob, and so much more.

As for getting a job, all that you need to do is read the latest information about the new battery plant and retooling at Stellantis to realise just what is indeed available. The manufacturing park on the outside of town is always hiring. Yes, it’s based on the automotive industry but that’s so high tech these days.

Phew! I’m glad to get that off my chest. As I was writing this, I couldn’t help but think of the advice given by my high school counsellor – “University is what you make of it. If you expect everything to be handed to you, you’ll be really disappointed.” He was a wise man.

Did your university make this list of 15?

4 thoughts on “Responding to clickbait

  1. Mine didn’t, but when I attended Nipissing, it made a Maclean’s article on this very topic. That always bothered me. Think it made me avoid all best/worst lists. Your guidance counsellor gave you some great advice, I think.


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  2. It’s interesting how university is the bridge between the safety of secondary school and working in the real world and learning how to take care of yourself. I always valued moving away from home for those five years. Of course, rent was a considerably different beast than it is today.

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