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I get this request every now and again. People want to know just where in the This Week in Ontario Edublogs show Stephen and I talking about their blog post. In a perfect world, you’d listen from beginning to end but we don’t live in a perfect world.

The show has changed over its run. We started out doing a half-hour show and it was scheduled mid-morning so that we could work around my pathetic internet connection that I was paying so much for at the time. (I’m not bitter … anymore) In the beginning, Stephen didn’t even know what we were going to talk about since he didn’t know in advance.

Now that I have fibre pulled to the house, the world is my oyster but we still maintain the 8:45 starting time. Some people listen live and some listen to the recording after the fact as a podcast.

I know that some of the recordings that you find on YouTube will have time markers so that you can jump directly to just the part that you want. That’s actually a fairly labour-intensive activity. Stephen just takes the names of the bloggers that we’re going to talk about and puts them in order.

So, yesterday’s group was:

  • Gary Stewart
  • Cameron Steltman – @MrSteltman
  • David Garlick – @garlickd13
  • Deanna McLennon – @McLennan1977
  • Peter Beens – @pbeens

At least they’re in order.

Those that know me know that I am a big-time planner and the show actually is planned fairly well. Stephen and I share a collaborative document. It’s an organizer for the show and also an organizer for the Friday blog post. Now, despite what you may think, there actually is a plan – ish.

It’s morphed into an hour show. The first 15 minutes are a chance to chat with Stephen about current events and then we get into the 5 posts that we’ll talk about. That would be the remaining 45 minutes, divided 5 ways, so each blog is allocated 9 minutes. That’s reflected in the organizer. Again, in a perfect world, we’d hit the marks at 8:45, 9:00, 9:09, 9:18, 9:27, and 9:36. We hit the marks (look at me using the jargon like I know what I’m doing) only once. So, each of the times should really all have an -ish on them. I can understand why Stephen doesn’t listen again and put in the times.

However, if you go to the show itself to listen, you can move the scrubber bar to where you want to listen.

This show, scheduled for 60 minutes, is actually 61:40 despite the best of planning.

This week’s show planner looks like this.

If you have a better suggestion for organizing things, I’d love to hear it.

May 4, 2022 Edition

8:45 Intro Song – Shirley Șerban – Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen’s song for Ukraine with new lyrics, 2022

Closing Song – Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

Intro Chat – Scrolling through all the May the 4th be with you posts this morning, Hallelujah and the pipe organ at church – Organist related somehow to my wife, Podcasting with Chey Cheney’s class, How can podcasting address Ontario Curriculum Expectations? How did Stephen arrange things? What did the kids podcast about? What preparation was done? Chey and Pav did a keynote address and I saw Chey without a hat for the first time.

Peter Beens – opening and closing – his Google Spreadsheet scraping polling numbers and then the curriculum documents

9:00 Engaging Students Through The Arts

  • Gary Stewart – 
  • https://heartandart.ca/engaging-students-through-the-arts/
    • Over to you, Stephen
    • Impact on him as a youth and in church
    • Things he discovered in himself through the arts
      • Creativity
      • Identity
      • Well-being
    • Funding in cuts in education – what goes first?
    • Arts can be expensive and teachers specialized
    • In CS, students brought from the arts
      • Desire to create electronic music
      • Read the data behind the image
      • Ability to photo edit pictures
      • Add layers to images
      • K & A’s music project

9:09 Describing A Favourite Food!

9:18 The Making of a Story

  • David Garlick – @garlickd13
  • https://www.dsgarlick.ca/blog/the-making-of-a-story
    • Reference to his book – stories are funny and true (mostly)
    • Completely made up “Enid Wakely and the Great Tornado of 1948”
    • Input from his sister and students – brought back memories (remember it’s a made up story)
    • Dropped a note that he went to Herman
    • Revision through his brother and sister

9:27 The Wonder of Trees

  • Deanna McLennon – @McLennan1977
  • https://mrsmclennan.blogspot.com/2022/04/the-wonder-of-trees.html
    • Kindergarten teachers are so special “We integrate everything”
    • Comments from students about trees
    • Telling stories from marking on trees
    • Exploring textures
    • Research what grows on trees
    • What makes their home in trees
    • Age of trees by clues
    • Climbing trees
    • Decomposition
    • Who was there before you
    • Why do some trees stay green all year?
    • Gather material from the ground around the tree
    • Measure the circumference of a tree by bodies
    • Mustang Woods

9:36 Ontario Curriculum Archive

Bonus (for the Friday post)

You Didn’t Prepare Me for Post-Secondary

Hey, you just bought donuts!


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