Unwanted followers

I can remember a time when you joined Twitter and you were just so happy when someone followed you. You read about these people with millions of followers (usually from them) and wonder what you’re doing wrong!

Whenever I do get a new follower, I check them out. If they’re an Ontario Educator, I’ll add them to one of my lists, if there’s something they’re an expert in then I’ll add them to one of my specialized lists, and sometimes I’ll just follow them back. I’m finding that to be more of a challenge when the numbers get so high – how do you manage with millions?

Recently, there has been a strange new breed of follower. When I check their profile, the image often doesn’t make any sense (or even worse it makes bad sense) or they have no profile description or the account is private or they have no followers themselves. I can only conclude they have nothing to contribute to anyone. And, the one that is most frustrating and telling is that they have no location listed.

Normally, I wouldn’t put much thought into that but the speed with which I’m getting these accounts following me leads me to believe that perhaps there’s a bot somewhere who latched onto me and is creating and following for who knows what reason. It’s just kind of freaky.

When it’s one account every now and again, it’s not a big deal. When it’s happening daily, I’ve got to figure that there’s something up. I know that you can block these accounts but what if they are legitimate and just dipping their toes into Twitter to see what it’s all about. I was like that. Only when I saw the real value did I start to contribute more. (better is in the eye of the beholder).

So, I take a slightly different approach.

I’ll head off to their profile and click the “more” button (the three dots).

Instead of the hard “block” or “report”, I’ll select “Remove this follower”.

My logic is a little more forgiving than the harder actions. I figure that if I remove them and they really want to follow me, they’ll try again. I’m not above admitting when I’ve made an error in judgement.

Having said this, I haven’t had the opportunity to do this more than a couple of times. It reinforces my original thought that there’s a bot somewhere doing the deed.

How do you handle potentially unwanted followers?


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