What’s up there?

This was just too cool not to share here so that I don’t forget it. We all know and use satellites that are up there circling the globe. So much of our communications, weather forecasting, etc. depend on them.

LeoLabs has created this visualization showing where they are at any time.

Like any good object on your screen, you can use your mouse or finger to spin the earth and check out what’s happening anywhere. Click on any of the objects to grab the name and details.

I wonder about finding the SiriusXM satellites.

I found it a fascinating toy just to play with. Thankfully, the debris setting is turned off when you go with the defaults. It gets pretty messy when you turn it on.

Of course, there are all kinds of use for this in the classroom. You’ll want to zero in on something in particular because it’s just too overwhelming to look at it in its entirety.

The usage rights are classroom friendly.

This Low Earth Orbit Visualization (LEOV) is the property of LeoLabs, Inc. The LEOV may be used (including reproducing LEOV videos and images) for non-commercial educational, academic, or research purposes or for news publications and similar journalistic purposes. In such uses, credit must be given to LeoLabs, including a link to LeoLabs’ website at https://leolabs.space and LeoLabs’ name and other indicia of ownership may not be removed or obscured. LeoLabs reserves the right to revoke such permission where LeoLabs determines that the use does not conform to the foregoing or might subject LeoLabs or others to risk of harm. The LEOV is made available AS-IS and without warranty, express or implied, including as to accuracy, and use is at the user’s sole risk. LeoLabs reserves all rights in the LEOV.


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