5G Telecommunications

We bit the bullet a couple of years ago and got rid of the landline for our phone and got ourselves smartphones. With them, of course, comes the ability to make phone calls (I just typed “telephone calls” but erased it…this seems more appropriate) and run applications. I have to smile because my mind hasn’t totally made the switch; I often look to where the answering machine used to sit on a shelf to see if we missed any calls.

My morning reads featured a couple of stories that got me thinking more about telecommunications. I think, like most people, I absolutely am connected at all times now and it’s just part of the life.

And that connection will get a great deal faster the next time I upgrade my phone. For the record, I hope that’s still a long way off; my phone works incredibly well. But it’s not capable of running on the fifth generation of the technology (5G) and that’s the future. Maybe it will be even more affordable when it comes time to buy.

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Apparently, the powers that be are hard at work protecting us.

Canada to ban Huawei, ZTE 5G equipment, joining Five Eyes allies

I’m not terribly worried about someone listening to my conversations. They’re few and far between and undoubtedly the least use I have for my phone. It’s the data that connects me when I’m away from home through text messages and my social media accounts that get the lion’s share of my use. I’ll bet most people are like that. Whatever happened to telephones?

There was another serious story that I thought I had bookmarked for the purpose of this post and I can’t find it. It was about a family that was camping in Eastern Ontario and were essentially “off the grid” and so did not get the regular weather warning like so many others did. We rely on it here; just this past week, we were on the patio and saw incredibly dark skies to the south and received a warning of the storm. Also, the Detroit/Cleveland baseball game was cancelled. Looking north to where Comerica Park would be, it was clear skies. That’s usually sign of really bizarre weather. Fortunately, it passed us by. As we know now, others weren’t so fortunate. If we become used to emergency warnings, it seems to me that they should be available to everyone in the province and not just those that are close to cities.

Even that doesn’t work perfectly. We live very close to the US border and it’s not uncommon to drive along Riverside Drive or just sit in a friend’s living room and get the message “Welcome to the United States. Roaming charges apple.” A similar situation happened when the Bring IT, Together Conference was in Niagara Falls and I went looking at the Falls. It just seems to bizarre that, in a world where Google knows exactly where I am within three feet, that the telecommunications field can’t as well.

So, fifth-generation has all these promises and, if I wasn’t so cheap and didn’t run out to upgrade today, I might be enjoying the better service. Our government has promised to make it safer too.

Maybe some day it will reach here.


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