My iPods

This came as a surprise yesterday.

Remember the iPod? After 21 years, Apple is discontinuing the iconic music player

It was a surprise because I expected it years ago. The concept of a separate media player must be a tough sell in these days when everyone it seems carries a phone which is, in itself, a pretty darned good media player.

I’ll confess; I own a number of iPods and yet I’ve never purchased one for myself. People just love to give me them, I guess.

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I have the original iPod. It came with a click wheel to select things, a liquid crystal display, and a 5GB hard drive to store music. I still think it’s the most amazing of all of the devices made. It was gifted to me by an Apple representative.

I have an iPod Mini. It was part of an initiative that I led with the computer contacts at our district. Each of them had one to use at the school and it was a portable way of transferring music from classroom to classroom amongst other things. (It no longer works – you can’t put an iPod through the wash)

I have an iPod Shuffle. I got it at a computer conference and one of the exhibitors was giving them out to people who visited their booth. Since it had no controls, it brought about the idea of shuffling songs and I remember it being marketed as “you never know what comes next”. The shuffle button has been a nice way to mix things up even as recently as this morning. I listened to both Patty Loveless and Max Webster.

I have anther iPod Shuffle with a whopping 512MB memory. It was pretty much useless if you have any kind of a collection.

I have an iPod Touch. It was a birthday present from my kids who all chipped in for it. It had a bizarre connector but Bose made a SoundDock that it fit. So, I did buy a SoundDock to play music from it. Sadly, it only had 4GB of storage and so doesn’t have a big selection of music.

I have another iPod Touch. This one was a gift from my wife who I guess didn’t remember that I had the other one. This one has 16GB of storage and so there’s a lot of music on this. It, and my dog Jaimie, are my companions for walking.

There are drawbacks to all these. First of all, they all charge differently with different connectors. So, you have to strategically figure out a plan to include them all. I’ll be honest; sometimes they lesser used ones go dead! The other drawback is that they all come with Apple’s signature white ear buds which are OK. In my desk drawer, I have a jumble of these white cables. You’ve probably guessed by now that I never throw things away. Oh, and I also have one green Bob Marley brand. I was in an airport in Omaha and packed my white buds on my check-on luggage and needed a way to listen on the flight back to Detroit. My wife did gift me a set of Bluetooth Jabra ear buds which are amazing and so comfortable that I can walk for miles. The salesperson at BestBuy talked her out of the Apple products simply by noting that they just don’t look good.

A necessary evil when using the iPod #### is that you need to use iTunes, one of the most bizarre pieces of software I’ve ever used. It was actually a pretty good stand alone media player and tuned into radio stations world-wide. But figuring it out to manage stored media isn’t easy.

I was one of the people that really appreciated it when Apple decided that enough was enough and ripped iTunes apart and made Music a separate piece of software.

Time moves on for technology and the iPod probably has overstayed its welcome. With streaming or just loading your files onto your phone, you really don’t need a separate device. I totally understand Apple’s corporate decision with this. In the meantime, I have my phone in my left pocket and my iPod in my right pocket for our trips up and down the road.

If you own an iPod, I’ll bet that it lasts for years for you and you won’t be at a loss.

The complete listing of every iPod ever can be found here.

What’s your history with iPods? Is it still working for you? How do you manage it or have you moved to your phone? Will you run out and buy some of the last few before they go away?


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