We all need to take 21 seconds

Our Prime Minister certainly made the news yesterday everywhere when asked to comment on things south of the border. Play the movie for the exact question and his response.

We were watching it live, as we normally do at 11am. When asked the question, we looked at each other and wondered what he would say. At about 10 seconds, we started to offer suggestions for him. At first, we actually thought that maybe the feed had locked up. Normally, he’s very smooth at generating political answers, not always answering the original question, but generally answering quickly and responsively. Here, he appeared to be stumped. Or at least thinking sincerely about a response. Or trying to frame an appropriate response. Or trying not to say what his inner voice was suggesting.

He certainly should have know that the question was coming.

The 21 seconds really was noticeable and the comments from news outlets all seemed to be the same, except for the one from that Toronto newspaper.

When he did answer, it was with the voice of a true leader. He didn’t look around for someone to help him frame his response. He came across knowing and understanding Canadians and gave a response, granted a political response, that you could take to the bank and be proud of. It would have been easy to name names and point fingers but he elected not to do so. I think that the questioner had phrased the question to make it easy to come out swinging.

In these times, it’s very easy to find negative things. You don’t have to go looking for issues. They’re right there in front of you. It’s easy to be knee-jerk and spew some sort of answer. It’s also easy to sit back and have no indication that you know or desire to know what’s going on.

It takes a true leader to pause for the 21 seconds and frame an appropriate response. It’s the wise individual that thinks things through before responding. I’m not just talking about the Prime Minister but for all of us.

Personally, from the moment I wake, I could be lashing out in every direction. There’s so much wrong; sadly, there’s little, very little I can do about things. But, there’s a great deal that I can do about making other things right in my own little world. I’ve decided to cut those other negative elements out of my life, analogue and digital. I feel much better for it.

An important part of what I do revolves around my community. I’m not in the position of being able to change everything but I am in a position to do some things. I can pick up garbage at the side of the road when I’m out dog walking. I can smile and say hi to strangers that we come across. I can smile and wave at that car or truck that just went by and moved over rather than run me off the road. I can wear a face mask for those few times that I am out in public and can’t socially distance.

For today, I challenge readers of this blog to pause for 21 seconds, be thoughtful, and think about what you can do in the positive and for the collective good in whatever part of the world you influence. You don’t have to share it here but you can if you want.

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