My Week Ending 2020-06-21

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • Microsoft Teams doesn’t get a lot of press when we hear people talk about doing things online. Maybe with these new features, that will change.
  • This is a very sad, real story of returning to school told through the eyes of a student.
  • I’ve read a lot of stories about doing this and have done it myself. Take an old computer and put some version of Linux on it. Pro tip – it is easy and it works really well.
  • Congratulations to the award winners from Western University. There are some names there that you should recognize.
  • Curbside library pickup in Toronto is received well. Congratulations.
  • This is a collection of ideas about how to speed up your Apple Macintosh or Air computers. The tips are pretty straight forward but it’s a nice reminder.
  • So, if Tim Horton‘s is tracking me, then I really shouldn’t have to go through the drive-through. I should be able to just press a button and they deliver.
  • Imagine an Edgebook. Would it compete with a Chromebook? I don’t know but if they’re looking for volunteers, count me in.
  • The is a prudent move on the part of the Mexican authorities. They should be wary of people contracting the virus and spreading it.
  • If you’re considering dropping the entry level mouse that came with your computer, take a look through this list.
  • I guess that it is a good move for Google. The biggest complaint about Chromebooks is the inability to run Windows applications. Maybe you’ll be able to do so soon.
  • It is a truth that things in education will change. Some thoughts about the new look for the future can be found here.
  • I can understand why making it a law is just not feasible. After all, if it’s a law it needs to be inforced.
  • I’ve been using LibreOffice for so long I almost forgot that there was an OpenOffice. Here’s a comparison between the two.
  • If the goal is to make the news, then this announcement of providing high speed internet everywhere in the province did it. The proof will be if it actually comes through.
  • The folks at SickKids put together their advice for reopening schools. It’s one voice and doesn’t speak about the teacher end. All angles need to be considered.
  • I’ve been a user of Flipboard for years and can recommend it without hesitation. You need to have a broad selection of categories for best results.
  • This article explains why I’m incapable of taking a good picture of myself.
  • Juneteenth explained with a Canadian voice.

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Technology Troubleshooting

I bit the bullet the other day and downloaded and installed the May 2020 Windows 10 upgrade. It took a few hours; I need to get faster internet. I had nothing else to do so was sitting at my desk watching it do the installation and it was kind of painful. But, upon final reboot, I was up and running.

My impressions, at first, is that it runs slower than the previous version of Windows. I know that this will likely change as it optimizes itself. I did a quick rundown of the programs that get me through the day and everything works except for the Opera GX browser. It’s providing something I haven’t seen in Windows in a long time. The active window freezes and it fades to white.

I haven’t done a lot of work looking for a solution yet except to search Twitter for “Opera GX Windows 10” and there is actually quite a bit of conversation going on with it. Much of it isn’t in English so the translator is providing a bit of insight.

I suspect there will be an update coming sooner or later.

Video of the Week

This was another song considered for the intro to the podcast. Sorry, Rod.

Photo of the Week

Driving through my old school district, I ran across this sign. I know the literacy folks will have fun with it but I suspect the spelling is intentional. After all, there’s an identical sign going the other direction. But, the big question is – is there a comma missing?

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Whatever happened to …

… haircuts?

I know, but I thought it might be fun to take on this issue. Certainly, there are way more important things happening around us and yet …

If you were scrolling through Facebook this week and are friends with Peter McAsh you would have been treated or scared to pieces with a series of photos from him. You see, he lives in a Phase 2 community and was able to go in and get cleaned up a bit. He claims that the last time he was there was in October. Those of us in Phase-1-ville just sort of look on from afar.

Getting a haircut is not something that I schedule and plan. I just go through life and periodically my hair will hang over the arms of my glasses and that’s a reminder that it’s time to do something. During my regular times out of the house, I’ll spin by FirstChoice Haircutters and look in the window. If there are no people waiting in the seats, I’ll go in and get tidied up. If not, it can wait for another day. Such is the life of this fashion plate.

Truth be told, it’s been three months or more now and it is getting kind of shaggy. Not Justin Trudeau shaggy – I don’t have hair where he does so my days of fashion flipping are long gone. What passes for a haircut these days is more like a personal hack job sitting on a lawn chair with a mirror and a pair of scissors on the patio. The clippings get swept to the grass along with the brushings from the dog and the birds seem to like it for feathering their nest. Recycle, man.

Hair dressers and barbers are having as tough a time as anyone, being one of the businesses closed down the longest. We’ve heard that at least one salon won’t be re-opening in our town.

For a Sunday, how about some grooming advice and how you’re staying looking so good.

  • What was the last time pre-COVID that you visited a barber or salon?
  • How are you looking today?
  • Why is it easier to personally trim a beard or goatee than doing a full-on haircut?
  • Do you know of a barber shop or salon that won’t make it through all this?
  • There really isn’t a way to avoid close contact when getting your hair cut that I can see. Do you have any suggestions other than a clipper at the end of a hockey stick?
  • Do haircutters get paid enough? When I do get a chance to go back, it’s my intention to pay double for my haircut to recognize their suffering during all this?
  • Is it OK for someone in Phase 1 or drive to a Phase 2 community for a haircut?
  • Have you heard of haircutters taking on different jobs or volunteering during this time? I know of one who is helping out a local retirement home.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. You can be as serious or not-so-serious as you want!

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