Not the time to drop your guard

Since we’re all at home and bored at times, it only makes sense that the computer using people are looking for something to change things up. Even if you weren’t a computer user before all this started, I’ll bet that your skills have improved over the past few months. You’re ready to take on the world.

That might mean installing a few new applications to your computer to break your regular routine. And, by computer, these days that’s extended to mean any computing device whether it be traditional computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Sadly, there are those that are out there, realize this, and are trying their best to advantage themselves and not you. It doesn’t matter what platform – malware is out there and only getting worse. I read the latest report of this happening this morning. This time it came from the Google Play store.

Google bans these popular Android apps, now you must delete them from your phone

In the body of the article are the list of applications that have been identified and removed from the Google Store. A prudent user should look at the list and remove them from your own device. Since often a developer will also write equivalent code for iOS devices, it’s a good idea to see if any of those applications are on your Apple Device.

I did smile as I looked my way through the list of applications identified. I thought that I’d have to be awfully darned bored to want to try some of them (at least going by the title.) But, looking at the numbers, I’m definitely an outlyer!

I took a look at my own smartphone. It’s a Samsung so that pretty much puts me into the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store. None of the offending applications had been installed. In fact, I was kind of surprised at how few applications that I actually had installed. When I got my first iPad, I really had bought into the “app for that” philosophy but have moved away from it these days. After all, most of the things that I do are available straight through a browser. I find it much more convenient.

I wonder how people find these applications in the first place. Do they have a lot of spare time on their hands. Certainly we all do during these times. However advertising is pretty rampant in the application world. Play a game and often there are promoted applications to try and grab your attention. Despite all this, no application is going to make me a selfie star.

We’re living in strange times and we’re always on guard against the physical virus as we go about way passes for day by day interactions. This article is a reminder that we need to be paying attention to our devices as well.

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