Fake news activity

Long time computer users appreciate the classics. One of the classics certainly was Zork. It’s an adventure game where you navigate through a virtual scenario via the command line. The power of the activity comes from the mind’s eye. It’s not nearly as graphic as first player types of games.

Today, I found a similar game to help with understanding the power of Fake News and the awareness that needs to go into identifying it.


The game starts by letting you get some background information just about what “Fake News” is.

Then, you select one of three possible characters and you’re off.

At each step, you’re presented with a scenario with two or three possible actions that you might take. I’ve played a number of these types of games where the correct action is pretty easy to spot. I’ll be honest; the actions here do force you to pause and think through before making an action. From an educational point, that makes the activity worthwhile.

I would encourage you to work your way through the activity and see if it has a place in your internet literacy learning activities.

OTR Links 06/23/2020

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