This image crossed my path this morning, shared by Skip Zalneraitis. It was one of those images that we see so often on social media; I tried to find the original source to give credit but couldn’t.

I thought that the horizontal axis put everything into context from January to April. The individual lines plotted really tell a story for me.

I’m in agreement here. It’s a rare day that I don’t have a constant flow of that black nectar.

I have to smile at that one. I do have to remind myself to get out and take the car for a bit of a run every now and again. It makes me feel good to give the battery and brakes a bit of an exercise. The only down part is that I have a SiriusXM subscription. I’m not getting my money’s worth, for sure. Speaking of money’s worth, the price of gasoline has never been better. It’s just that there’s nowhere to go.

I’m in total agreement with that. Now that we’re at home for extended periods of time, I do get an opportunity to spent more time online. Many internet providers are allowing people to go over their limit without penalty during these days. My internet access has definitely increased.

This is definitely not me. Timing coincides with my second cup of coffee. I just can’t go scruffy any more.

I could see this being a bit of a challenge without a conscious attempt to check myself. We do enjoy a glass of red wine after dinner. There are lineups to get into the LCBO on every day that we’ve driven by. My wonderful daughter did surprise me with a case of tasty Peachy Motherpucker from Grove Brewhouse in Kingsville that does offer curb service.

Toilet Paper
I’ve mentioned a few times that I married a farm girl and so things do not get left to chance. There always has been toilet paper available at our local grocery store and we’re never caught with our pants down at home. I will confess to picking up a 24 pack early into all this when I happened to be doing the weekly shopping.

That hasn’t been clothing of choice here. For those days when we’re in the house, sleep pants have been though. We’ve made a pact that we won’t go into town or shopping without changing to blue jeans though. Or now that it’s warmer, shorts.

This has been a tough thing to get one’s head around. In the beginning, we were told that wearing masks was not necessary unless you were an essential service. Then, we were told to wear one, not for yourself, but for anyone that you come in contact with. Now, it’s recommended everywhere where you can’t social distance or … our Home Hardware store requires it for entry. My wife made a couple for us from scratch and we happened to buy a commercial one for each of us one day. We have been good about wearing them now. I suspect the original edict was to make sure that people weren’t buying up all the medical grade masks. So, yes, I can understand the uncertainty in the chart!

The other topic
On a rare occasion, I’ve been called an intelligent man. With a wife and two daughters, I’m quite aware that I shouldn’t have an opinion about this and so I don’t.

It was an interesting walk through that chart, seeing how the issues applied to me personally.

But I wonder…

We know that things won’t be the same for September. There may be a bit or a great deal of home learning into the fall. Teachers have been using check-in charts like this to gauge student emotion and feelings for a long time.

Does such a chart have a place in these future classrooms? Perhaps plotting the at home learning experience by various days to provide the type of feedback that teachers get every day by interacting with their classroom.

Categories for a check-in chart like: internet problems, time on task, homework help, wellness, happiness, time playing/exercising outside, and so on could provide really interesting data for the teacher and for caregivers at home to help students get the best of the experience. We know that it won’t be perfect but this could be helpful.

Plotting this digitally would be an easy thing to put into place. A check-in every morning to a chart would build a visual depiction of how things are going over time. Once plotted, it would be easy to spot trends.

What do you think? Is there a place for this in schools? If so, what categories would you recommend?

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