Bizarre crashing

I’m like many people, I suspect. One of the first things that I’ll do when I get a new device is change the background image. There’s this built-in desire to make the device mine.

For some reason, a previous release of Ubuntu came with this background image.

It’s an image of a train station in Copenhagen. I’m not necessarily infatuated with trains or have a fondness of brown things. But taken all together and thinking about how important that mode of travel is, the image has become my current favourite.

I never thought that any image might cause problems with a device. But, recently, there’s been one image that is allegedly crashing Android smartphones when people use it. Many stories have appeared in my news feed warning against using this one image.

What’s so special about it?

I don’t know that anyone knows the one specific answer. But, today, this article takes a run at explaining it. Android: Why this photo is bricking some phones

If you visit the story, you can see just what the image in question looks like. As I look at it, there’s nothing that really stands out. I’ve seen similarly composed images that come with Macintosh upgrades. Ditto for images on the login screen for Windows 10.

And yet, this one image is causing the grief. The explanation in the article makes sense, I guess, but of all the smartphones and all the background images in use, it was this one that made the headlines.

I know that we’re advised daily to be safe when online. It’s still good advice. Don’t click links in email messages unless you are sure of the source.

Who would have thought that that logic now extends to background images? Maybe I’ll just stick with this one forever. It hasn’t crashed anything on me yet.

OTR Links 06/03/2020

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