There will be a miracle

I first heard about this in a message to me from a former Director of Education, Mary Jean Gallagher.

On June 17, Essex County will be be making a miracle happen.

What a great concept!

At our local Sobeys store, they do have a procedure in place where there are some pre-packaged items that you can purchase at check-out for local groups. It’s heart-warming to see people doing so.

This miracle is going to be a great deal bigger.

The details are available at the miracle website here.

Even something as noble as this requires some rules and concerns about safety at this time. They’re all laid out for people to understand.

It will be easily done for those that live in town with the pickup schedule. Those of us who are more rural will be asked to drive to a location and drop our contributions off.

We will be monitoring the website to find out where the closest drop-off location for us will be.

I hope that this goes well and a true miracle happens.

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