New music

This was really a great deal of fun to consider.

Now that summer appears to have arrived, I’ve been outside on the patio doing reading and writing in a lawn chair. I finally got around to move the patio rocks outside. They’re special rocks; they have speakers in them.

That makes it possible to be out there and listen to music. It’s always a challenge to decide just what type of music to play. Everyone gives their input and we take turns. My daughter made her choice and we were just chillin’ and listening to the music. I’ll confess that her choice in channels isn’t the same as mine but she was very much impressed when I recognized Drake and a few others from her genre.

One of the articles I was reading out there, as luck would have it was

Here’s Why You Stop Liking New Music as You Get Older

The article offered four suggestions…

Brains Change a Lot When We’re Younger

  • I supposed this is true. I never really thought about it before.

Work Gets in The Way

  • I’m not sure that this was ever an issue. My “work” always had music. During work sessions, students were allowed to have a radio on (which caused arguments about choice). When I would mark at home, I would always have music on in the background. When I had a job going from school to school, I would always have music on in the car.

Family Obligations Have All Your Attention

  • We lived three and a half hours from our parents and so our family would enjoy the radio on the trip up. The munchkins in the back seat couldn’t reach the radio so my wife and I got to choose! There were real benefits, particularly for my youngest daughter when she goes to trivia night and aces the “Oldies Music” category.

There’s Too Much Music!

  • There’s no question about this. Our television service has a number of music channels and I enjoy flipping through them when I need background music. I do have my favourites: Hot Country, Country Classics, Flashback 70s, Classic Rock, Jukebox Oldies, and Adult Alternative. I do find it interesting to flip through those channels and discover familiar tunes and tunes that never made my radar the first time through.

Such are the points from the article. But, I’d offer one more. It’s related to the last point from the article.

Music was chosen for me; I had no choice

Growing up, I really didn’t have much choice. Our radios were permanently tuned to CKLW, The Big 8. It was a Top 40s format and we were schooled from there as to what was good. People like Tom Shannon in essence told me what to listen to! When I moved away from the CKLW signal, it was CFTR and Big Jim Brady who was calling the shots.

I think that installed a mindset that made listening to music comfortable. I didn’t want more choice because I really didn’t have choice. Perhaps that’s why some of my selections made today are made as they are.

How about you? Do you find yourself in agreement with any of these points? I’d be most interested in reading about it. Or go ahead and analyze me.

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