Browser games

It’s Edge week around here.

Frequent readers know that I like to play around with various browsers to see what differentiates them and where they’re similar. Do you remember the good old days when you just browsed the web and there wasn’t a great deal of difference between them?

One of the neat things about the Chrome browser is that you can play the dinosaur game in it when you’re stuck without internet access. Just run:


(tap the up arrow to play even if you do have internet access)

Not to be outdone, the Microsoft Edge browser has its own game. Nothing fancy here, just run:


And you’re off for hours (minutes?) of enjoyment.

The best part of both of these games is that the only input that you need comes from your fingers on the keyboard.

To outdo the Dino game, notice that you’re playing in living colour!

In terms of the browser experience itself, it’s quite nice. The design is well laid out with nice spacing of the extensions that I use in all my browsers. Things like the context menu are very polished. I never was a fan of the original Edge browser; it just never felt as professional as others. I have no hesitation whatsoever in giving it a regular place in my browser rotation. Google isn’t a fan – visiting a Google site results in a recommendation to use Chrome instead.

And, it’s not just for Windows anymore!

You can download it to give it a shot and play the Dino game here.

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