Just the good stuff

I think that this is a terrific utility that should find its way into any classroom toolbelt where teachers are using video from various sources.

The application is Vibby.

The best parallel I can think of is the yellow highlighter that so many of us have used to highlight text in books as we read.

Vibby lets you do the same thing with video. Here’s a quick overview.

So, you no longer have to have students sit through an entire video if there’s only a small part of it that is appropriate. Use the Vibby utility to create a “vib” and use that instead.

It’s certainly more high tech that giving a starting and ending time and using the scrubber bar.

Another use that comes to mind involves a bit of video literacy, having students review a video and identify or highlight parts of the video for a specific purpose.

I think we’ve all sat through a video where you’re just about screaming “Just get to the point”…now you can actually do it!

3 thoughts on “Just the good stuff

  1. A video highlighter…what a great analogy!

    It reminded me of another extension I’ve used a bit called VideoNot.es which sadly seems to have disappeared. It allowed you to take time-stamped notes to accompany a video and then share those notes. I did, however, find a different extension that seems to do the same thing. It’s called TurboNote and looks equally capable. It’s available here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/turbonote/fhpgggnmdlmekfdpkdgeiccfkignhkdf


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