My Week Ending 2019-09-08

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • The nice thing about Linux is that you have choice unlike Windows and Mac OS. Here’s a nice summary.
  • There are two very distinct sides to this situation about not using smartphones in the classroom. Ontario’s law kicks in November 4. When will newspapers stop the expression cellphone and call these what they actually are?
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the growth and development of Microsoft presented in a timeline.
  • Many of us relied on OSAP to help fund university. What happens when it gets cut?
  • If you couldn’t make it to ECOOcamp Peterborough, you’re in luck. Many of the resources are now available on TeachOntario.
  • A blog post from an Ontario Educator who in now retired and doesn’t share the first day jitters that so many others did.
  • I agree that the Chromebook needs a little more respect and could be the solution for so many students.
  • Just when I start to think that Flash is finally done, I run into a website that continues to use it. Edge and Chrome are going to stop support.
  • I have always been a fan of optical illusions. This kept me busy for quite a while!
  • This path would be way too long for my daily working partner and me but it’s interesting what can be done with Google Maps.
  • I wasn’t totally prepared for living on my own at university. I agree with a lot of this.
  • Java programmers give us inspiration for various tools.
  • The Brave browser apparently shows what we fear about data gathering and tracking.
  • Yeah, but would having one on board decrease your mileage? Is mileage even a thing with electrical cars?

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#FollowFriday – September 5, 2019

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Technology Troubleshooting

I’ve been doing the #FollowFriday thing for a long time now. It’s a chance to highlight the great collection of Ontario Educators who use Twitter to make connections and share ideas.

In the beginning, quite frankly, it was easy. With the access to the Twitter API, I had written a script to do the heavy lifting for me. But, over the years, access has become more difficult.

These days, my posts are done manually. I actually enjoy doing it because it slows me down and gives me a chance to review the sharing that it done. Such good stuff.

And, for the most part, Twitter is a partner. When you start a name with a @ and start typing, Twitter makes suggestions to names and a press of ENTER autocompletes. Except, every now and again, Twitter stops suggesting names and I’m on my own to type in the complete name. Needless to say, getting the spelling right is crucial.

After my marathon, I’ll go back and check and I’m always impressed that between Twitter and me, we get it right. This past week though, as I checked, there were actually a couple of spelling mistakes. They stand out in a list because they’re the only ones that haven’t been converted to links.

I need to do better.

Video of the Week

Jackie Wilson’s song gets covered by The Boss.

Photo of the Week

This past week, I’ve run into a number of Eastern Fox Snakes. I guess they’re out there catching a few of the remaining summer rays.

This little guy was at our front doorstep! I don’t know if he was lost or just wanted in. He got a guided trip elsewhere!

Thanks for reading. Please join me daily for something new and, hopefully, interesting.


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Whatever happened to …

… TV Dinners?

It was one of those memes on Facebook and Ramona Meharg suggested that this would be a good topic for a Sunday morning post.

TV Dinner Tonight
Thanks, Thomas Hawk – “

Now, it’s not like they’ve gone away. There are still products available in the local grocery story but, to be honest, I think the last time I had one was when I was in high school.

They were a special treat for us, growing up. Mom would buy them if we were going to be alone and needed a meal. You just put them in the oven and reheat and away you go. I have memories of soggy vegetables, really smooth whipped potatoes and dessert in the form of peach cobbler. (Which we always ate first…)

At the time, these were the only heat ’em up option that made it to our table. Now, there are all kind of quick meals and the microwave oven seems to have made so much difference. My wife is a label reader and the salt content is always one of the first things that she checks. The concept has opened a whole new industry in the M&M shops that are so popular. While the one we had in town has closed, the local Rexall store now carries their products.

My wife had her own spin on these when our fathers were living alone. She would package up our leftovers in little trays, freeze them, and deliver “grandpa dinners” for them to toss in the oven or microwave.

We’ve certainly come so far from the original TV dinner.

For a Sunday morning, your thoughts…

  • Did you enjoy TV dinners as a child? Do you still today?
  • Just what the heck is Salisbury steak?
  • Why does the chicken dinner always have 1 wing, 1 leg, and 1 thigh? And they’re always exactly the same size? What happened to the white meat in the breast?
  • Thinking about this has brought back a couple of company names – Swanson and Banquet – can you name another TV dinner maker?
  • Just what qualifies as a “TV dinner”? In a recent tour of the frozen food aisle at Sobeys, I can find frozen Chinese dinners, frozen pizza, perogies, pot pies … Are they in the same category as the original TV dinner?
  • When you look at the box and design, it seems to have been modelled around Canada’s food guide. Are they as nutritious as they look?
  • Why are the various foods not allowed to touch each other? It’s not like you cook them separately in a TV dinner (although you do in real life if you’re cooking from scratch)
  • I remember that the foil plate was always repurposed for things like paint trays after the dinner. Did you use them for anything else?
  • Did you know that there’s a National TV Dinner day? It’s on September 10. How will you celebrate?

I’d love to read your thoughts about convenience suppers. How about leaving a thought or two in the comments? Ramona, you’re on the hook for this one.

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