My Week Ending 2019-09-22

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • Without a doubt, this had to be the favourite after school show and then movies in our house. I was totally amazed with the utility belt. Who knew there was shark repellent. Oh, and who can forget the batusi?
  • After David Garlick inspired me with his reference to a Juliet balcony, I had to do some research and found this.
  • So, Scheer is OK with racism if they apologize but an apology from Trudeau won’t be enough.
  • You had to know that this was coming. Can’t use Windows 10 so head off to Linux. I wonder if any other manufacturers will do the same.
  • I wouldn’t have the patience to go over and over Earth images but I guess we’re lucky that there are others who do.
  • Indeed – how do you know what you don’t know. This article will have you thinking and getting better.
  • This is a terrific list of home maintenance and remedies for things that you should know about. 50 of them.
  • The most inspirational idea for a bookmark that I’ve seen in a while. Who would have thought to use a taco? Mmmmm tacos.
  • The television commercials make reverse mortgages sound so appealing. Here are some details. I think you need to ask yourself why banks don’t offer them.
  • At this point in time, I can’t imagine my life without a headphone jack. I have invested too much in headsets. So, here’s a list of phones that still have one.
  • If you’re a Google Drive user, there has to be something in this article that you don’t know.
  • I worked with a superintendent who had some very insightful thoughts about school design. Sadly, now that he’s retired, we’re back to square boxes.
  • Here’s a story of a bird who is really off track. Pelican in Nova Scotia? Wow.
  • If this smart watch can be sold for $25 and make a profit, I think we all need to wonder why the Apple Watch is so expensive.

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Technology Troubleshooting

I suspect that there were a lot of people in a bit of a panic this past week with the news that Lastpass had a bug in it that allowed a malicious website to scoop up a password.

The Google Project Zero was the one to break the news.

Now, normally, I appreciate it when we find out stories like that. The problem is that the programmers at Lastpass had fixed the issues and pushed it to all of the users.

Yet, the stories of doom and gloom stayed up and kept coming into my news feed.

It makes you wonder if a responsible technology news agency shouldn’t update or even remove their stories of impending doom.

Video of the Week

I blame Turner Classic Movies for enlightening me about this series.

Photo of the Week

It was a strange looking sunrise yesterday.

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Whatever happened to …

… eating lunch at the Woolworth’s lunch counter?

Thanks to Ramona Meharg for tagging me with the image below.

Sometimes, when I write these Sunday morning posts, I become very aware of the audience reading it. I’m the first to admit that many of these memories come from small town Ontario. There are a couple of readers that I know of, like Albert and Mike, from one of the biggest cities in the world who must just shake their heads at some of the topics!

Thanks, Ramona Meharg.

While some of my topics might be obscure, this topic has to resonate with anyone whoever had a Woolworth’s experience. And for our big city readers, hats off to the Woolworth Building.

For me, we didn’t have a store in our community but once or twice a year, my mother would take us for a train ride to Goderich where they did indeed have one. And, we’d drop in for a special treat – a lunch out. For the most part, they’re gone but there’s still one.

Now, we did have a couple of restaurants with this sort of dining experience – the Mae Mee Restaurant and the Kum-In Restaurant but they just had the dining experience. You couldn’t shop for stuff in the same store!

It’s interesting how memories come back – in the Goderich case, I remember being impressed that the food was cooked right in front of you so you could see your dinner taking shape. It was always served on a ceramic plate and there was a napkin holder where you chose your own napkins. You ate with real cutlery, none of this plastic stuff we have today. And, the treat of treats, the milkshake came in a glass container with real whipped cream on top.

I moved to Essex County years ago and there wasn’t a Woolworth’s store in Amherstburg. But we do have Maria’s if you’re looking for traditional school. I don’t recall going to one in Windsor – our shopping trips were typically to the west end or to Devonshire Mall. The Hudson Bay Company did have a restaurant in it. I’m sure that David Garlick will give me the local details if he happens to read this post!

Interestingly and coincidentally, I went out for lunch with some friends just this past week to a place that billed itself as a 50’s diner. The design was old school even if the food (and the prices) weren’t. Of course, it wasn’t the same as the original F.W.Woolworth – it just sold food.

For a Sunday, your thoughts…

  • Did you ever have a Woolworth’s store in your community?
  • If you didn’t have a Woolworth’s store, did you have a 5&10 cent store?
  • Have you ever had lunch at a Woolworth’s store? Do you remember anything unique about it?
  • If you could pull something from the menu from days gone by and have it served today, what would it be?
  • While Woolworth went away, they were replaced by similar stores. What was Woolworth replaced by in your community?
  • In actual fact, Woolworth does appear to still be in business today. Do you know where?

As always, I enjoy reading your memories of these things. Please share in the comments below.

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