Don’t use that tone with me

I have a love/hate relationship with digital writing tools.

I’ll try one for a while and then drop it any of a number of reasons. But, the number one reason is that it would attempt to make suggestions for “improvement” that I don’t agree with.

Consequently, that’s why you’ll find the occasional (grin) spelling error or subject/verb agreement. I do cross my fingers and hope that they’re/there/their is used properly. (Try typing with your fingers crossed) I’m not naive enough to say that I’m perfect every time but I try and I appreciate it when my human online editors point out errors for me. I haven’t heard any suggestions for a while so maybe I’m getting better.

Probably the one utility in this genre that most people know about is Grammarly. Not to be confused with Grammerly. <grin> It’s easily installed as an extension to Chrome or Firefox.

Recently, Grammarly added a new feature. It will now offer advice and information about the tone of your writing.

It’s an interesting concept. Does my writing convey a tone that I don’t like? I know that I will try for a certain tone at times but maybe it doesn’t work or I’m out on a limb with my thoughts?

I’ll give it a try and see.

What about you? Could you see the need for a tone detector in your future?

As for this post …

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