My Week Ending 2019-09-01

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • As the new school year looms, so does the discussion about mindsets. This time, it’s about new teachers.
  • For the fan boys and girls, here’s how to clean your Apple credit card because goodness knows you don’t want to buy your next over-priced computer with a dirty one.
  • I always appreciate these posts that include “hidden” features for a product. There’s not hidden necessarily; I just haven’t found them.
  • I never used a behaviour chart. I never felt the need. I doubt that it would do anything more than serve as a challenge for secondary school students.
  • I think that there’s a big sense that the “new” sex education curriculum isn’t terribly different from the original.
  • Is nothing sacred from tampering from the bad guys? In this case, how do you keep them out of your calendar?
  • This should be your back-to-school feel good story if you are in search of one.
  • Libraries are fighting to prove their value to all segments of society. In Philadelphia, they’re reaching out to bakers.
  • If you’re looking for alternatives for the Google Chrome browser, here are seven. As for me, at this moment, I’m using Brave.
  • This might actually have been a topic for “Whatever happened to…” but now they’re coming back.
  • In this whole area of privacy concerns, I’ve often wondered why some bad person hasn’t made the recordings available for download. Maybe we’re just not as interesting as we think we are.
  • Interesting opinion articles about Doug Ford’s classroom. Part 1 Part 2
  • I wonder how big an impact that a change in CEO will make for the Mozilla Foundation.
  • In this collection of 42, there has to be a tool or two that you didn’t know existed.

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Technology Troubleshooting

I’m writing this on Saturday and it’s the end of the month. Around here, I have a routine for the last of the month. I still have one of those accounts where there is a limited amount of data.

So, there are a few gigs left so I’m going around and updating all my computers and also I got around to doing something that I’ve meant to do for a while.

I updated my Garmin portable GPS unit. Maybe it’s from a time gone by but I get free maps for life so why not take advantage? Sadly, the GPS in my new car doesn’t get updated that way. I have to pay money to update the maps. So, for a lot of time, the little tracker on the unit is in the middle of a field.

Maybe I should get a holder and just use the maps on my phone.

Video of the Week

My earworm for the week…

Photo of the Week

Somebody dragging this out of the Detroit River and left it and its hangers on on the path at the King’s Navy Yard. Interesting look and discover moment.

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Whatever happened to …

… ringtones?

This was a suggestion from Peter Beens.

This rang so true to me this past couple of weeks. After a long time of nagging, I convinced my wife that it was time for her to cut the cord and get herself a smartphone.

She was hesitant and the biggest fear was losing our landline number because “people that we owe money to won’t be able to find us”. I assured her that they would definitely track us down like the debtors that we are. But, I wasn’t successful.

It was only when we had the salesperson at the store say “Oh yes, I can transfer your number; no problem”. And the deal was done. The power of a second opinion!

So, one of her first tasks was to hunt down ringtones. And, how to turn the volume up very loud so that she (and anyone within earshot) wouldn’t miss a call. But there’s voicemail …

Then, she made a big mistake. She decided to show off her new phone to our kids who took upon themselves to customize it for her. This included downloading a new ring tone that would get you three days suspension if you used it in a school. Maybe longer at the volume she chose!

Then we had “the talk” where I explained that we could be in a public place and yet not hear a ringtone. Our little part of the world had moved on to just being notified by vibrations or by smart watch.

Maybe she’ll get there some day.

For a Sunday, your thoughts…

  • am I going to win this battle?
  • how about you? ringtone or vibrate?
  • but you’ll admit, there was a time when it was ringtone. Did you feel compelled to listen your way through the list that came with the phone?
  • did you ever use the ringtone that sounded like an old time ringing phone?
  • did you go looking for other ringtones?
  • what was your favourite?
  • do you have separate notifications per application or per person calling on your phone?
  • are you displeased when you hear a loud ringtone in public?
  • in November when the “new rules” about smartphones come into place in Ontario schools, will all students and teachers move to vibration only?
  • how do you handle smartphone notifications in your class?

Ah, it’s been a long couple of weeks here! I almost long for the time when it was OK to wait until we got home and got messages on the answering machine!

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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