It’s time to program

For a few years now, a hot gadget for one to have is a digital smart watch.

One of the truly neat things, beyond the functionality of being connected to your phone and getting email messages, texts, news, social media notifications, and goodness know what else is the ability to change the watch face with a couple of taps.

That, of course, leads you to rabbit holes like 18 Samsung Gear S3 Watch Faces for Every Occasion in 2019. As you’ll note as you scroll through the images, some are free and others are a buck or two.

The geeky know that they had to be created somewhere… which lead the geeky to the Galaxy Watch Designer website. I didn’t know what to expect – maybe a development environment in Android. But no, there are downloads for both Macintosh and Windows.

To get you started, there are a number of templates that are provided with the download. They are interesting as everything that appears on a watchface is an object and most have attributes that you can tweak and adjust.

Just about every watch hand is there for those that like the analog and of course, digital is suitably tweakable.

Every complication imaginable is there as well. The user interface is very friendly with its drag and drop functionality. Then, modify the attributes of an object and click “run” to actually see your watch in action.

At this point, I haven’t developed the new “Rolex” but I’m having fun trying.

OTR Links 09/24/2019

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