Whatever happened to …

… penny bubble gum?

Of course, the question might be kind of moot since we abolished the penny!

But this certainly has fond memories for me.

  • at the checkout counter, Mom would often throw in a couple for my brother and me as a treat
  • we’d take pop bottles that we’d find in the ditch into the garage and exchange them for gum
  • it took a while, if I remember correctly, but I did learn how to blow bubbles
  • of course, it was forbidden in school, but that didn’t stop you from sucking the sugar from it and then snapping a quick bubble when the teacher’s back was turned
  • there also was a never-ending supply of gum stuck on the bottom of our desks
  • then there was the scare that there were spider eggs in the gum. It didn’t deter us though
  • you had to unwrap these correctly so that you didn’t tear the comic wrapped on the inside – some were the original Dad jokes, I think
  • bubble gum evolved – in pricing from 1 cent to 2 and then 5 cents a piece. It then came in strips like chewing tobacco and then a “log” of gum that you’d chew off just as much as you wanted

These days, I’m still a gum chewer – just not a bubble gum chewer. My gum doesn’t come individually wrapped anymore. It’s got a crunchy cover and comes in a plastic container holding sixty pieces. (I need at least two to get a good chew.)

How good is your bubble blowing memory?

  • do you remember penny bubble gum?
  • were you a gum chewer? Are you one today?
  • what was the character’s name in the comic that came with Bazooka? Did you know “he” has a page devoted to collecting the comics here?
  • who else made penny bubble gum?
  • is Juicy Fruit a more mature entry into the gum chewing field?
  • if you’re a teacher, is gum allowed in your class?
  • if you’re a teacher, do you still peek under the desks or tables to see what’s sticking around?

How about sharing your thoughts via comment below?

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4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. I thought the spider eggs were just in the Bubbly Yum bubblegum.

    Fond memories of Bazooka Joe and the gang.

    There used to be a store a couple of blocks form school – we called it the 6 cents store because it had a wall of candy bins all for pennies – most were 6 cents. Big bin of Bazooka gum along with other penny candies.

    Having a “Stand by me” flashback.


  2. I’m not a chewer these days. I was occasionally when I was a kid. Bazooka gum was a favorite.

    Did you know that General Santa Anna, of Alamo fame, introduced chewing gum to the United States? It was already popular in Mexico. Santa Anna live in New York City for a while – in exile.


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