I’ve been watching this with a bit of interest.

Toronto Catholic school board wants teachers to pay for parking

I guess nothing is sacred anymore in the province.

My first reaction was that the federations would make that a collective bargaining issue.  I’m sure that it’s happening and I’ll bet that it’s a topic that all local units are looking at.  In education, after all, when there’s a change in things and it’s seen to work, it’s like dominoes throughout the province.

It’s also an issue that is not likely to get community support.  Just read any of the discussion boards in Toronto about the topic.  If you’ve ever hit Union Station during any rush hour, you’ll see that there are thousands of people that commute using public transportation.  If you really want to stand out, drag a suitcase or computer bag (or both) through there and you’ll be so annoying to others.  You can’t blame them; there’s no such thing as free parking in the downtown area.

The argument is that just about any other profession has to pay for parking when at work.  Even in this household with my nurse wife, she had to make a trip monthly to the security office to get a new parking pass.  We had many discussions about how lucky teachers were to have free parking.

My responses usually were …

  • look at all the stuff that I create at home and have to take into work plus all the marking and my computers
  • it’s one of the benefits of the job; schools were built with a specific parking area for teachers and staff
  • the teacher parking lot is within sight of the office so there’s less likely to be vandalism
  • could you imagine if we all parked on the street outside the school instead of the parking lot?
  • the students have their own parking lot; why not teachers?
  • public transportation to work isn’t an option for my school
  • the board could transfer me to another location in a heartbeat, if needed (thankfully, it never happened)
  • many of us carpool; that’s got to be worth something
  • we have after school coaching and other things
  • and I’m sure that there were more.

None seemed to work.

Obviously, in the case of Toronto Catholic, the situation hasn’t been resolved yet but there are all kinds of eyes throughout the province on this.

What are your thoughts about paying to park at a school?

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