Dog park people

Jaimie and I had the opportunity to visit a new dog park yesterday.

It’s always a good experience for him as the running and sniffing always tires the big guy out.

We entered the gates and off he went.  Of course, I followed him for a while just to make sure that all his new friends were indeed friendly.  The good thing is that they all were.  It was going to be a good visit.

I wandered over to the owners and greeted them and then, like at any dog park, the conversation turned to our fur babies.  Mine is a pure bred blah, blah, blah.  Mine is a mix of this with that.  Yours?

It’s something that I’ve always wondered.  We guess part Husky, part German Shepherd, part retriever, part …, who knows?  But, he’s all love.

Then, I got some advice.  “You know, you could get his DNA tested.”

I played along – “How much does it cost?”

“About $350.  It’s too bad because human DNA testing often goes on sale.”

Now, the world of dog breeding has always been a curiosity for me.  A good and provable lineage generates some pretty hefty money for breeders.  We’ve all heard, unfortunately, of how this leads to abuses at times.

It’s important in that market.  (and I do mean market)

Rather than try to explain our lack of knowledge of Jaimie’s heritage, we just respond with “he’s a rescue”.  And, we couldn’t be happier.  Apparently, he was a long time resident at the Humane Society and maybe that makes a difference.  He’s just the greatest of pets and his demands for walks get me outside for hours every day.

In our world, that’s all that really matters.

While I think it’s normal to be curious, I don’t think that knowing his details would make any difference to this great and faithful friend or his owners.

Well, faithful until we get to a dog part and there are better options for him.


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