From here to there

So, we have this cloud thing, right?

You connect your computer to a wire or a wireless connection that goes somewhere where it’s connected again and again until it gets to the ultimate destination. We like to think of all of this as “The Cloud”. I guess it’s an easy way to describe something that is better off understood by others.

While it’s easy to pass off as wireless or “cloudy”, the reality is that there is a great deal of cable that makes all this connectivity possible. If you want to see a world of it, head over to the Infrapedia.

This is a fascinating interactive experience.

In the top left, there are filters that let you zero in on a connection of a particular interest. (Or just start flipping switches until you’re suitably interested!)

On the left sidebar, the names and who owns things are identifiable.

But the connections themselves are what I found most interesting.

Sometimes, you have to zoom in to get a look but it’s interesting. How are our friends in Greenland connected? Via Greenland Connect, of course.

You might be interested in zooming in on your community to see how you are connected. Great stuff here.

And, up for discussion would be the areas that aren’t serviced.


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