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Stephen Hurley and I had a great deal of fun on Wednesday during our voicEd Radio version of this blog.  One of the things that we did for this show was to have a theme.  I went through the list of speakers of the upcoming EdTechTeam Ontario Summit and tried to pull out some of the speakers who had recent blog posts to showcase on the show.  It was actually a little more difficult than I thought it was going to be but it made for an interesting conversation.  Six of them appear here as well as a lovely post from Lisa Cranston.

Two women

Lisa wrote this post after reading and commenting on mine of the same name.  I was inspired by a challenge from @NoelineL.  The idea was to write about two women 1) who have influenced your life and 2) an inspirational historic figure.

The March edition of Canadian Living, p. 13, issues a challenge, to guys too: to share a story about two women, one personal and one historical, who have motivated you.  Would you consider sharing?

Lisa cheated a little bit but I understand where she’s coming from!

The Wipebook

During our radio show, I was surprised when Stephen said that he probably wouldn’t use the Wipebook as reviewed in this post from Jen Giffen.  He admits to taking a great of notes but seems to prefer the pen and paper approach.

The product reminded me of the whiteboard page that I had purchased for my Franklin planner at one time.  Dry erase and perfect for collaboration – and to-do lists.

I really like crossing things off my to do list – but I also like a clean list and the notebook is PERFECT for this.  As soon as a task is done, it disappears!

These days, for me, I use a mixture of OneNote, Keep, and Evernote depending upon the task for my notetaking.


At the upcoming Google Summit, Sarah Lalonde will be doing an ignite talk and this post gives us insight into her “why did I agree to this?” moment.  Although, I’ll have to admit, she really doesn’t give us too many details.

Lastly, you might be wondering what my talk is going to be about? Well, it will go something like this: Learning to jump and build your wings on the way down is a lifestyle

Embedded in the post is a podcast that Sarah did with Kim Pollishuke and Stephen Hurley talking about both of the ladies’ planning as the date approaches.


I went through this post quite a few times trying to get my bearings.  My notes questioned whether it was a poem or a philosophy.

It wasn’t an easy read but I wanted to dig deeper.  I really like how it closes.

the teacher
in me
stares out into
the night
what can I learn from you?

And, Chris happened to be listening to the radio show and recorded himself reading it for me (us).


I think I first heard the use of the phrase “Pockets of Innovation” from colleagues in the Thames Valley District School Board 20 years ago.  It gave me a smile when David Carruthers brought it back in this post.

Did the concept ever go away?  Will it ever go away?

What is it and what can be done about it?  David addresses this in the post.

I suggest that the teachers being asked to “tone it down” have the support of administrators; they DO!

One of the solutions offered is to get those high flyers to help others.  That is a great way to share excellence and increase the level of use of things rather than being happy with the status quo.

Concerns include:

  • resentment that I’m being told to “up my game”
  • burn out on the part of the high flyer
  • slowing down the innovators

As with all things, there’s got to be a balance in there somewhere.

But, David identifies a situation that exists everywhere.  It’s very good read and I’d highly recommend it.  Do you see yourself, your colleagues, or your principal in there?

Flu id

With apologies if necessary to Will Gourley, I could see the inspiration for this post while making a mad rush to the washroom!

He starts with “fluid” and I went for the ride thinking that he might talk about fluidity in the curriculum but was I ever wrong.

He breaks “Fluid” apart to

Flu – “the flu wants what it wants. Once inside, it becomes the house guest from hell, turns the heat up on its new hosts, and rejects anything that gets eaten.”

Id – “the id is always seeking ways to get what it wants and needs to survive.”

This post struck additional importance to me as I’ve been visiting a very dear friend who is in the hospital as I write this and I visit with my nurse-wife.  “Sanitizing your hands is a thing – do it”.  Then, I started to count – have you ever thought of just how many things you touch when you’re in the hospital?  Particularly this winter, the flu has hospitalized so many people.  Sterilizing is indeed a good thing.

Question of the day – do veteran teachers have the best resistance to flu in society?

Reflecting on “Gradeless” Math – Modelling Life-Long Learning

This post from Heather Lye was particularly timely given a story that I had read earlier this week about Finland looking to go gradeless in its school system.

Whenever Finland does things, the rest of the world sits up and notices.

Heather shares her thoughts about going gradeless and breaks them down nicely into categories.

  • What worked well that I will continue
  • What I will strive to do better
  • What I will do differently
  • Future goals and desires (that are just not realistic right now)

There are lots of observations there to help you if you’re wondering about this particular journey.

How’s that for a nice collection of thinking from the blogs of Ontario Edubloggers?  Please click through and read each of the original posts in their entirety.  You’ll be glad that you did.

If you’re an Ontario Edublogger and your blog isn’t in that collection, please visit it, fill out the form and it soon will be.

2 thoughts on “This Week in Ontario Edublogs

  1. How do you ‘cheat’ at blogging? Or do you just mean I cheated because I chose two women for the personal motivators? I think you’re just worried that your girls are going to find out that I chose my daughters and wonder why you chose a salesperson instead of them!


  2. It was a little tongue in cheek. Yes, it was choosing two women. As I said in my post, I have two daughters and I’m not brave enough to choose one over the other.

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