Losing friends

Now, this is really sad news.

From Zynga

Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 11.34.13

What?  You’ve never heard of these “with friends” games?  I hadn’t either until a friend engaged me with them.  They’re cute little games to play against a, well, friend.

It’s too bad to hear this news.  None of them are too time consuming but there’s a great deal of strategy involved and they’re a little fun for me first thing in the morning.

But, in the big Zynga scheme of things, they’re not their Flagship products.  Two that come to mind would be Words with Friends and Farmville although they have a huge collection of games.

I’m guessing that the shutdown is a business decision.  There may not be enough players purchasing the games or the powerups to make it financially worthwhile continuing.  They’re just not the Flagship products.

It made me think of the parallel to education and teaching.  We all have various tools in our arsenals.  There are some that you bring out every now and again and then there are those Flagship things that you do and always will.  You know the ones – they’re enduring and have the highest value to your students and your classrooms.  You’ll never let them go.

Here’s your call to action – what are your Flagship tools or techniques?  The non-negotiable ones.  The ones that you’ll always have.  I’d like to read about them in the comments below.

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