Some fun

Sheila Stewart’s post that I included in yesterday’s This Week in Ontario Edublogs post about 45 LPs got me smiling.  I enjoyed looking at her cataloguing system for songs.  But, it was her reference to Melanie’s song “Brand New Key” that got me reminiscing.  Maybe this should be a Sunday post.

Anyway, I started to think of music that I’d read about being banned in places, including “Brand New Key”.  What a great idea for a blog post, I thought.

Musicians have always had messages hidden in their song – or at least perceived by others as hidden messages (listen to John Lennon).  It’s certainly different with some of today’s music where things can be very explicit at times.  I decided to pull in a few of my favourite songs that had issues in some places!

Bring back any memories for you?

Do you remember why they were banned?

What would be the response if that was done today?

Thanks, Sheila!

OTR Links 03/31/2018

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