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This morning, I finally had “Fake News” hit me right between the eyes.

For the record, I don’t go to Facebook to get my news.  Never had, and after this, I most definitely never will.

If you’re a Facebook user, you’re accustomed to that column that appears centre right on your screen.  I don’t typically read it but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t at least scan it.

And, for some reason this morning, I obviously had scanned it and saw the notice that Bruce Willis had passed away.  What?

I looked at the source and didn’t recognize it as any news service that I’d ever used before.  I did what any person should.  I opened a new tab and went to CBC News because it would be a headline there.  Nothing.  I checked CTV News.  Nothing.  I checked Global News.  Nothing.

It was very strange.  Maybe Google would know.  A search reveals this.

“Bruce Willis dead 2018” : Actor killed by internet death hoax

It’s an interesting read.

In my search at the news sites, there certainly was lots of news about issues that Facebook was having with a data breach.

I did spend a few moments refreshing my screen to see if I could make that fake news report come back but couldn’t.  I wish I’d done a screen capture when I first saw it.

But, wow.

There’s lots of questions to be had here.

  • How did this stuff start?
  • What’s the point of it starting?
  • How do we know that a news source verifies the content that it publishes?
  • Was this actually a real news source?
  • What does it take to get to the point where you get your content to appear in the news feed?  Who validates them?
  • Would I have been one of those who spread that news if I hadn’t double-checked things?
  • In education, it’s more important than ever to teach each other techniques for verifying news.

I can see why a lot of people just back up and leave the service.

Should I join them?

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