How big?

You never know where your next bit of inspiration comes from.  I was looking around to see the entries for next Sunday at Leamington Raceway and then got into a stream of Twitter messages from harness racing people.

In the midst was this …

In terms of Toronto, it identified two of my favourite places.

  • downtown Toronto
  • Woodbine Raceway

and placed them together for comparison of size. 

I would never have guessed.

But, of course, there’s teachable opportunities here.

Fire up Google Maps, switch to Earth view so that you can see the area to be measured, right click a starting point and then click an ending point to create a measurable distance.

So, OK, Leamington is just a bit smaller!

But think of the possibilities when you’re discussing other areas, regions, etc.  Measure something known (like your school yard) and the do the math to see how many of your yards it would take to fill your topic.

There are so many computer skills to master to make the task worth and then the good stuff.  Calculating area, doing the measurements, …

It’s a great answer to the question “When will we ever use this stuff?”

OTR Links 10/05/2016

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