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How vested in social media is your school?

Do you have a Twitter account?  Many Twitter accounts?  Are teachers blogging?  How frequently?  Sharing activity picture via a picture sharing service?

Chances are, you’re doing it at varying levels.  Some contributors are more active than others.

How does the world or, at least the parents and students, know where to find the latest?  

No doubt, the class blog or other social media link was sent home in a September newsletter.  By continuous monitoring, anyone can get a picture at any point in time of what’s happening.  Digging backwards does take a little bit of effort.  And, you certainly don’t want to miss anyway.

Is there a better way to make sure that nothing goes amiss?  Is there a way to look at the “big picture”, i.e. everything that’s happening in the class or at the school?


Consider creating a Flipboard to capture all this (and maybe even more).

The net result is that, out of the great storm of information that goes flying by, you can curate what’s important to your class or, thinking bigger, your school.

A good question would be – isn’t that a lot of work?  Short answer – no.  If you’re reading it, it’s already on your screen.  Into your browser, add the Flipboard extension and you can tuck it away in a couple of clicks and it’s instantly posted.

Here’s what I see for my account – you’ll note that I have three pages of Flipboard collections.  (Including at least one that you see here that’s private)

Now, all that you need to share is the link to your class or school’s Flipboard.  Articles that are flipped there appear in reverse chronological order so it’s just a matter of flipping through to get caught up.  

Flipboard is available through the web or there’s an app for virtually every available platform.  Imagine how easy it is for student, parents, staff, administrators, the world to see what’s happening.  And, the articles are there permanently unless you elect to delete them.  Have you flipped a particularly good article that you’d like to individually share?  Social sharing buttons are available for every article.

The promise of social media is connectedness and the immediate sharing of information.  In today’s busy world, the easier it is to achieve these goals, the more effective you’ll be.  Flipboard may well be the perfect answer for you.

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