Visiting a Warship

Living near the Detroit River, we get the opportunity to see many types of boats and ships going up and down the river.  Lots of pleasure craft, lake and ocean shippers, and the occasional Coast Guard boat are regular sightings.

This was something different.  The United States Navy had just commissioned the USS Detroit (LCS-7) and it was docked on the Canadian side of the river at Dieppe Park at the foot of Ouellette Avenue in Windsor.  It was an opportunity to see (fairly) up close one of the latest additions to the US Navy.  So, we took off nice and early to check it out.  I’d done some reading and it certainly sounded impressive.  

Fastest warship in U.S. fleet visits Windsor.

Sadly, there wasn’t a public tour that we could find but we did park and walk up to check it out.  

While it was docked right alone the edge of the river, it wasn’t possible to get very close due to the fencing in place to keep us away.  Taking a picture was pretty tough; there were lots of trees and machinery in the road so any picture I could take wouldn’t really do it justice.

It’s tough to describe the ship.  It’s certainly not attractive by cruise ship status.  The best description that I could think was that it appeared to be like a floating tank.  Two shades of grey and that’s about it.  You’re left to guess at the functionality of everything that you could see.  On the other hand, it was never the intention to win a beauty contest; there’s no doubt that it’s a military ship and it looked every bit of it.  I’m sure that, to the right eyes, it was a very beautiful ship.  The link above shows some professional pictures from the local newspaper.

But, it has a website!  And a presence on Facebook.

And you have an opportunity to take a virtual tour.

The tour incorporates 360 degree visuals and videos.  These all add to the impressiveness of the ship.  It’s well worth the time to explore a bit.  I can’t help but remark that the bridge certainly resembles the bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek.

So, Canada was its first foreign port of call.  It’s nice that the first such visit was to a friendly country.

Awe isn’t a word that I use in this context very often.  But, being this close to the Detroit, I can’t think of a better word to describe the experience.

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