Whatever happened to …

doug — off the record?

I got the news on my phone Friday afternoon.  This blog had been suspended because of a violation of the terms and conditions that all WordPress users must follow.

I had that sinking feeling in my stomach.

What had I done now?

My first thought was that someone was playing a practical joke on me.  But, trying to load the blog dispelled that theory.

Mentally, I traced back in my mind for the past 24 hours.  What went wrong?  I had done my weekly “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” post and then wrote one for Saturday morning about going for a coffee.  Nothing else, to the best of my knowledge, had happened on my end.

It’s not the sort of thing that I deal with easily with my phone.  I fully acknowledge that I’m more of a keyboard person.  When I got home, I went online and sure enough, I was locked out.  I was invited to log into the admin section which was strangely missing all of the regular options except to be able to download the blog.  I did that right away.  I now have 6,294 blog posts in XML format on my hard drive.

Then, I read the terms and conditions again and I didn’t see anything that I thought I had violated.  Fortunately, there was an option to ask for reasons why because “mistakes happen from time to time”.  I immediately filled that out.  I also recognized that it was a holiday weekend so was prepared to wait until Tuesday to get an answer.

In the meantime, I shared a message on my other blog which I use to accumulate the OTR links.  

And I went back to waiting.

It was somewhat pleasing (although embarrassing) to get messages from regular readers indicating that the situation was visible to the whole world and they wanted to know what was up.  Thank you, friends.

Then, this afternoon, I received a friendly message from support indicating that the blog had set off something in their anti-spam that started this.  And, the best part, the blog was restored.  Even the post that I had scheduled for Saturday morning was there although the overnight OTR Links wasn’t.  When the dog and I went for a walk this afternoon, we were both skipping!

Thank you, so much, to WordPress support.

Passing it along to you …

  • did you miss me?
  • have you ever been suspended from some service?  How did you resolve it?
  • if you’re a blogger yourself, do you have a Plan B?
  • it’s not just a blog.  Your computer could crash and lose data at any moment.  When was your last backup?

As always on a Sunday, I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Please share them via comment.

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OTR Links 10/09/2016

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