For Hallowe’en …

… An interactive graphic novel.

It’s probably not for the faint of heart in education.  After all, so many have lost the term “Hallowe’en” in favour of “Black and Orange” day even though the term is used everywhere else in society.

If you’re a horror movie fan, then this weekend with Turner Classic Movies was just great.  It had been years since I enjoyed the 1931 Dracula movie with Bela Lugosi.  There was Lugosi before there was Vincent Price.  And, Vincent Price turned so many stories into masterpieces.  His efforts with Edgar Allan Poe’s stories are legend.

I have a collection of Poe’s novels on the bookshelf behind me but I’ve never seen his works in graphic novel format.  A recent post from Richard Byrne “7 Halloween Lesson Activities for Elementary School Students” turned me on to one.

The site is “The Pit and the Pendulum – Interactive Comic Book“.

If you’re a fan of Poe or the genre, the site is rich in background including details about the Spanish Inquisition which set the scene for Poe’s novel.  

There are two stars of the multimedia show here.  One is the video “The Pit and the Pendulum short film“.  The second is the graphic novel, available in PDF format from the site.

But, Doug.  I’ve heard that PDF is where good ideas go to die.

That’s a sound bite from a professional speaker.  It’s sad when a wide-sweeping generalization is made like that.  

PDF files can be so much more.

This graphic novel demonstrates that.  You could print it out, bind it, and read it.  But you’d be missing the important interactive part.

As you read through the novel, you’ll find QR Codes – you know what to do – scan them and you’ll be whisked away somewhere.  More than that, though, keep your eyes open as you read the book.  And keep your mouse moving.  

You’ll discover mouse overs that link from the novel to the web as well.  Some resolve to Vimeo videos, others to web resources.  It brings the experience alive.

It’s a wonderful merger of a great novel and technology.  You’ll absolutely want to preview it to see if it is appropriate for your classroom.  

If you want a new look at a classic, I think you’ll find it very engaging.  And, it might give you a few ideas for constructing something similar for yourself.


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