A challenge

Yesterday’s blog post “Having a PLN” was received nicely by the folks that read this blog. Nobody complained that I had changed the blog theme yet again.

For that, I really thank everyone who took the time to comment, favourite, or retweet.  It looks like it resonated well with people. 

I may not be able to draw like Sylvia, but I can interpret her works!  <grin> 

But that was me, recognizing those who I appreciate on a regular basis. 

How about you? 

I’d like to issue a challenge to everyone who consider themselves as being part of a PLN. 

On your blog or Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter or wherever you consider home for your PLN, do the following.

  1. Give Sylvia some exposure by including her sketchnote.  You’ll find the original here.
  2. Consider who you would consider as integral to your regular learning and give them a shoutout like I did with my original.  Of course, it’s important to share the “why”.  The original Sketchnote gives you 10 reasons.
  3. Link back to this blog post so that we can see your efforts.
  4. Share your results with your PLN via your regular networking and encourage others to join in.
  5. Sit back and feel good about extending your connections.

We’ll all benefit from your efforts and hopefully find new names to add to our network.

Author: dougpete

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3 thoughts on “A challenge”

  1. Doug, I have already shared the PLN document with local members of CSTA (Philadelphia), and PA4C– Community College computer consortium of pa. I have a printed copy on my magnetic board and plan to incorporate it into Mobile CSP Cohort for Pennsylvania. We will be meeting in Hybrid mode June 27 to July 20. One of the charges that we have accepted as being Facilitator for the NSF grant is to form a “community of practice” to help these first year AP CSP teachers be successful in 2016-2017. A PLN is needed for each and every educator!

    I consider YOU as part of my own PLN, and enjoy reading your posts EVERY Morning.
    Arta Szathmary


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