Hour of Code 2014

The Hour of Code for 2014 is coming.  Teachers and students from all over will be using classroom tools to get a flavour for what coding/programming is all about. There's no one language that we've come to agreement on that would be perfect.  So, we're all over the map with this one!  Choose one and … Continue reading Hour of Code 2014


OTR Links 11/25/2014

http://ow.ly/EPuy3 Why is Math Different Now on Vimeo http://t.co/a31ya86NUh — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) November 25, 2014 tags: IFTTT Twitter Creating permanent change in the St. Anthony School yard | Aviva Community Fund - Linkis.com RT @mcguirp: Asphalt to Oasis - voting closes at 4:00 PM Monday - let's finish strong http://t.co/GP6C95R21a #ocsb @JimWatsonOttawa @SWCHC — … Continue reading OTR Links 11/25/2014