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November 25, 2014

  • Hour of Code 2014

    The Hour of Code for 2014 is coming.  Teachers and students from all over will be using classroom tools to get a flavour for what coding/programming is all about. There’s no one language that we’ve come to agreement on that would be perfect.  So, we’re all over the map with this one!  Choose one and… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 11/25/2014 Why is Math Different Now on Vimeo — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) November 25, 2014 tags: IFTTT Twitter Creating permanent change in the St. Anthony School yard | Aviva Community Fund – RT @mcguirp: Asphalt to Oasis – voting closes at 4:00 PM Monday – let’s finish strong #ocsb @JimWatsonOttawa @SWCHC —… Continue reading