Classic Games

Over the weekend, I had a discussion about computer gaming.  I was in the neighbourhood of id Software and Gearbox Software.  In my discussion with Henry, we were talking about student fascination with gaming and all the latest things that engage them.  Showing my age, I was more focussed on the classics from id like Doom.  Good times were had with that software and running it over a LAN was so cutting edge at the time.

In fact, computer gaming has always seemed to be ahead of the curve with respect to software development as programmers try their best to push and get the most performance from the box on which it played.  In my way of thinking, virtual reality has always been very nicely represented in the gaming of the time.

It is sad, at times, that the old games eventually go away and are replaced with newer ones.

But, if you yearn for the oldie goldies, you can have at them at the Internet Archive.

Check out the categories.  Check out the huge collection of what’s available.

If you want to get back to the life of wearing out the arrow keys on your computer keyboard, this is the place to be!


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