“Death By Delay”

From the Bring IT, Together Conference and Ron Canuel’s presentation, this quote stood out for me.

“Death By Delay”

The context was about computer related pilot projects – put off the ultimate decision by running pilots.  Ron doesn’t speak in isolation or hypotheticals.  His work with the Eastern Township School Board is legendary.  Decision makers have visited his schools to see it in action.  Decision makers talk about the success there.  Read this article about the impact that his work has had on the current Hamilton initiative.  The use of the technology has shown an improvement in test scores, if that’s important.

And yet, we still see pilot projects all over the place.

The reasons are generally the same:

  • we need to test for sustainability;
  • we need to ensure that we have the capacity to do this;
  • we need to make sure that our teachers are trained;
  • we need to write a policy;
  • we need to make sure this is the right solution.

All of these are just excuses to avoid doing the right thing.

Do your homework before you start.  You’ve been buying computer and related technologies for years.  In these days of big data, don’t you have enough research already to make that decision?  Why not ask those who are already doing it?

Things changes on a yearly basis.  What will determine if you ever actually have that capacity?

I’ve said this many times.  You train dogs, not teachers.  If professional learning is a condition for a pilot project, you’re not currently implementing things properly.  A continuing online professional learning program, coupled with excellent educational leaders in your schools and you should be able to take on nearly anything.  Know your schools and don’t underestimate teachers doing the right thing.

I had a great conversation with a friend at Bring IT, Together.  His parting gift to his superintendent was to add one clause to the complete list of district policies.  “When in doubt, use common sense.”

Right Solution
Could you imagine a Microsoft PC school that was holding off waiting for the perfect/right solution?  We wouldn’t have purchased computers running MS-DOS 3.2, or Windows 3.1, or Windows 95, or Windows XP, or Windows 7, or Windows 8, or …  Every year you put off a decision is a year’s worth of learning and understanding by students lost.  Oh, and the hardware or software for your “pilot” may well have changed as you put off the decision.  What then?  Run another pilot?

I think Ron nailed it with his comment.  The excuses are just that – a failure to pull the trigger.  You should have all the information about your system at your fingertips.  You should have a staff ready to take on the world and do the very best for their students.  Do your homework and know the solution and what it’s going to require.  I would argue that it continues to get easier with many solutions being web based.  Monitor your bandwidth and buy more if needed.

Could you imagine a company like Coca-Cola doing market research the way we do pilot programs?

What are you waiting for?