#BIT14 Proceedings

I’ll give credit (and blame) to Sue Waters for this!

After I used Storify to show some of the comments from the recently completed Bring IT, Together Conference, she sent me a message asking if I had ever considered creating a Flipboard document to do the same thing and she shared one that she had created.  It was very impressive.  So, I thought – sure!  How tough could it be?

Back in the day, when I used to go to conferences where there were paper handouts, I would “binderize” the handouts for my filing cabinet and later reference.  I would also make a copy for my superintendent if he wasn’t able to attend.  Believe it or not, he actually went though it and it would be a great source for our weekly meetings.  He’d be quizzing me on the sessions and asking me to apply them to our reality.  That was my way of producing a Proceedings booklet.

So when Sue threw that idea out at me, it wasn’t like I was working with a blank slate (like normal).  This was just a transference from one media to another.  My immediate thought was that those pedagogues that use SAMR as the answer to every question would have a hey day with it.  Oh well, and a sigh.

As for the blame, what Sue didn’t tell me was that Ontario Educators are the noisiest on the face of the planet.  I created my book (after fumbling through to learn how it worked) and then did a search for #BIT14.

Good gravy!

How could 1,550 people generate so much content?

There had to be 300 references to people crying because of George Couros’ message alone!

The winning Twitter message had to come from Marie Swift…

Unlike Storify where you could add messages in bulk, each message had to be specifically added manually.  I hope that I don’t get a message from Sue “You dummy — here’s how you do it”.  

I started early.  Oh, I like that.  Great picture.  Oh yes, that was a wonderful video.  Terrific message from Richard.  George nailed that.  Glad to see that folks are Twittering in French during Ron’s keynote.  Loved the pictures of the Falls….

I did move up the media literacy scale trying to determine what to include so I guess it was more than transference.

My fingers started to bleed after 500 or so entries.  I’m sure that there are duplicates but that’s OK.

It even picked a cover photo for me!

You can enjoy the document here.  It plays nicely on a computer screen and will open in Flipboard if you have the app installed on your device.

I hope that it brings back nice memories for those who were in attendance and don’t hesitate to send the link to your principal or superintendent.  There are great messages to be shared by all in there.  Thanks, everyone, for contributing your thoughts and comments.

Thanks to Sue for pushing me to do this.  I think if I ever do it again, I’ll do it day by day instead of summarizing four days into a clicking marathon.

OTR Links 11/15/2014

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